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The Resurgence of working in office spaces: Embracing the power of collaboration

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became the new norm, and many proclaimed the death of the traditional office. However, as vaccines rolled out and the world started to recover, a surprising trend emerged: the resurgence of working in office spaces – this was felt much quicker in Jersey due to the lack of long commutes and less reliance on public transport like trains. While remote work offered flexibility and convenience, there are distinct advantages to returning to the physical workplace that cannot be ignored. This blog post explores the reasons behind this resurgence and the benefits of working collaboratively in an office setting.

Reestablishing Human Connections

One of the most significant advantages of working in an office environment is the opportunity to reestablish human connections. Remote work, though efficient, can be isolating, lacking the social interaction that stimulates creativity and innovation. In an office, colleagues can engage in face-to-face conversations, fostering teamwork and building a sense of camaraderie. By sharing physical spaces, employees have the chance to collaborate spontaneously, bounce ideas off one another, and form deeper connections, ultimately leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
There is also the opportunity to “bump” into people in the street and have conversations in coffee shops which can lead to potential working relationships or reinforce them.

Enhanced Collaboration and Creativity

Office spaces provide an environment that naturally encourages collaboration and creativity. In-person meetings and brainstorming sessions promote real-time idea sharing and problem-solving. The ability to gather around a whiteboard, read non-verbal cues, and engage in spontaneous discussions can fuel innovation and lead to more effective decision-making. Furthermore, the office environment allows for impromptu interactions, where chance encounters can spark new ideas or solutions that may not have emerged in a remote work scenario. The energy and synergy generated by a team working together in person can be unparalleled.
Office fit outs have now also changed with employers making premises more collaborative with breakout areas and “pods” instead of just banks of desks.

Work-Life Balance and Mental Well-being

Paradoxically, returning to the office can contribute to a healthier work-life balance and improved mental well-being. For many, the boundaries between work and personal life blurred during remote work, leading to increased stress and burnout. Being physically present in the office helps establish clear separation, allowing employees to unplug and recharge outside of working hours. Additionally, office spaces can provide a sanctuary away from the distractions and responsibilities of home life, providing a dedicated environment conducive to focused work. The sense of routine and structure that an office offers can bring stability and promote mental well-being.

Professional Development and Mentorship

Office spaces serve as incubators for professional development and mentorship opportunities. Being physically present allows junior employees to observe and learn from more experienced colleagues, fostering mentorship relationships that are difficult to replicate remotely. Informal conversations, lunchtime gatherings, and after-work events provide chances for networking and building professional relationships, which are crucial for career growth. The office environment also allows for structured training programs and workshops, enabling skill development and knowledge sharing. By working side-by-side, employees have increased access to resources, expertise, and growth opportunities that can propel their careers forward.


Working from the office also benefits the economy as a whole with people paying for public transport, paying for parking, buying coffees and sandwiches, having client meetings in restaurants and office workers shopping in their lunchtimes. In Jersey, this is a very significant matter as so many businesses rely on people working from St. Helier. Without people working from offices, it may have a detrimental effect on retailers, etc and therefore the loss of jobs.

While remote work undoubtedly brought significant benefits, the resurgence of office spaces signifies the enduring value of collaboration, connection, and growth that only physical work environments can provide.
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